ScourStop transition mat is a biotechnical replacement for hard armor. It is a mechanically-anchored 1.22m x 1.22m x 0.01m thick semi-rigid, polymer mat designed with voids throughout the structure which enable vegetative growth. Transition mats provide mechanical protection over highly erosive areas like; stormwater pipe outfalls, curb outfalls, over-flow structures, and shorelines. Transition mats provide protection against much higher shear stress and velocities than vegetation alone or rock rip rap; and are comparable in performance to Articulated Concrete Blocks.

Elements of the Transition Mat System:

  • Mechanical Protection
  • Reinforces appropriate soil covers
  • Deep anchoring soil stabilization

Mechanical Protection

  • Provides impact resistance, tensile strength and permanent durability against high erosive stresses. The semi-rigid mats conform to soil profiles, uniformly securing soil covers to the ground.

Soil Covers

  • Soil is extremely erosive. Some type of best management practice (BMP) cover is required under ScourStop. Typically a soil reinforcement mat (TRM), sod or a combination of both, provides maximum protection for every soil type and condition.

Deep Anchoring

  • With an average of 8 anchors per mat, deep anchoring helps the mat conform to the native topography, securing the mat to the soil in a uniform manner.